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Jyotisa Pandita and Jaimini Scholar
Western and Vedic Astrology Consultations

During a personal consultation I will use different techniques from both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology. I will draw your horoscope and study your natal chart. First, we will discuss aspects of your personality and some significant experiences in your life with a view for you to gain some clarity and insight into your present circumstances and the dynamics that influence your decisions. The scope is to bring into full consciousness both positive and negative attitudes and responses so you can make positive changes in your life and in your relationships.

Second, we will discuss your current situation and any specific questions you may have. If your birth time is accurate to within +/- 10 minutes, I will carry out a quick rectification and will use a number of divisional charts. This is an in-depth consultation looking at several areas of life. I will look at directions, profections, transits and a number of dasas (different types of planetary periods). This astrological forecast will give you an idea of likely events and highlight auspicious and inauspicious times which can help you in decision making and planning for the year ahead.

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Personal Consultation - Western & Vedic - £120

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