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Jyotisa Pandita and Jaimini Scholar
Western and Vedic Astrology Consultations

If you do not know the exact time of your birth, it may be possible to rectify the time through a detailed examination of all major life events. This is very time consuming and requires several hours work. I specialise in rectification as I believe that it is not possible to make forecasts without an accurate time of birth.

I use standard western astrology techniques such as primary mundane directions and vedic astrology techniques, such as a horary chart (prasna), fitting life events to the divisional charts and to the planetary dasa and correcting the divisional charts accordingly. I also use several specialised software programmes to corroborate my work. You will need to send me a portrait sized photo of yourself and at least 10 significant dates in your life.

Although I use some very technical methods to rectify the birth chart, I must stress that this exercise is more of an art than a science. If the time of birth is known to approximately two hours, it is very useful and is likely quite accurate. It is also worth carrying out a rectification if the time of birth is known within a 6 hour time window. However, if the time window is greater than 6 hours, it is quite difficult to ascertain the correct time and if this is the case it is best to discuss with me before you book.

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Rectification - £150

Full Name(As you wish it to appear on the Chart)
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Place of Birth (Include town and country. If born in a very small village please name the nearest town to it)
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